What is ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) ?

It is an application that provides a permanent solution to the problem of erection by providing tissue renewal and new vessel formation in the penis with low intensity sound waves.This treatment method is used in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and chronic prostatitis, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Advantages of ESWT Therapy in Urology

It is a procedure that does not require anesthesia and is applied in 6–12 sessions of 20 minutes each under polyclinic conditions. An average of 1500 beats are applied in each session. The patient can continue his daily life after the application.

It is seen that successful results are obtained in 70-80% of the patients with this procedure. Due to its risk-free, permanent effect and high efficiency, it has taken its place among the treatment methods recommended in the first step of the European Association of Urology Guidelines..


PRP (Plasma Rich Platellet) treatment to the penis is the process of injecting platelet rich in thrombocyte cells obtained from the person’s own blood into the penis.

PRP Treatment is used in many fields of medicine. The main purpose of these treatments is to take advantage of the effects of thrombocytes rich in growth factors that provide cell renewal and repair.

Effects of Penis PRP

With PRP treatment to the penis, tissue regeneration and new vessel formation are provided in the penis. Thanks to this effect,

  • Correcting erection problem in people with erection problem,
  • Increasing penis size and thickness,
  • It is aimed to regress the plaques in Peyronie’s Disease.

Since PRP is obtained from the person’s own blood, it does not carry the risk of infectious diseases or allergic reactions. There are no known side effects or risks for health. It is a painless procedure and is applied in office conditions.


What is ESWT (shock wave therapy)? How does ESWT treatment in urology take place? What are the effects of penis PRP?

In these videos; I gave information aboutWhat other diseases is the ESWT device used in urology? What are the effects of the ESWT device on the patient?


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