Genital Wart (Condyloma) and HPV

Genital Wart (Condyloma) and the human papillomavirus (HPV)

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HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the causative agent for “Genital Warts (Condyloma)” seen in both men and women, and this is the most common sexually transmitted disease group in the world and in our country.More than thirty types of HPV infect the genital system, but HPV Type 6 and Type 11 are the most common causes of visible lesions (warts). Silent strains such as types 16 and 18 are the most responsible for HPV-related cancers (cervix, penis, anal cancers).


How Is It Transmitted?

It is most commonly transmitted through sexual contact (vaginal, oral, anal), but can be transmitted without sexual contact (such as hand contact, use of common razors or underwear, transition from mother to baby during birth).



When does it show symptoms?

Most of them (70%) develop silently (asymptomatic) without any symptoms. Post-contamination lesions appear (incubation period) between 3 weeks to 8 months.


How is the Diagnosis Made?

The diagnosis is made by observing papillomatous (cauliflower-like) brown or reddish lesions. Condylomas are observed as white areas with the application of 3% to 5% acetic acid to the genital area in patients with no lesions.Subtyping can be done with HPV-DNA, but it is not widely used. Routine biopsy of warts is also not recommended. However, biopsy is recommended for atypical, pigmented, hard or ulcerated warts, immunocompromised patients and lesions that do not improve after treatment.


Who Should Be Vaccinated with HPV?

The most effective way to prevent genital warts is HPV vaccine. For protection purposes, it is applied to women between the ages of 9-26 (can also be applied to men). It includes eight types of HPV viruses. It is applied as 3 doses within 6 months. HPV vaccine provides 100% protection against the HPV type it contains.


How is it treated?

There is no treatment method that will completely remove or clear the HPV infection from the body. However, 90% of viruses spontaneously disappear from the body within two years. the chance of the virus being removed from the body can be increased by strengthening the immune system. Even if the virus cannot be destroyed, genital warts can be destroyed by various methods. If warts are not treated, they can grow and multiply in clusters. Treatment options:

  • Burning the lesion with cautery or laser
  • Freezing the genital wart by the cryotherapy method
  • Surgical removal of the genital wart

Women with genital warts should be examined for cervical cancer. Similarly, patients at risk with anal condyloma (HIV, transplant, etc.) should be examined regularly with anal cytology. Those who have lesions in the urinary hole in the penis should be subject to endoscopic examination in terms of urethra or bladder involvement.

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