Prof. Dr. Berkan Reşorlu was born in 1979 in Ankara. He completed his Medical Education in Ankara University between 1997-2003. Between 2003-2008, he completed his residency in Urology at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine and became a Urology Specialist. He has carried out many international studies after his specialization, has contributed significantly to the literature by publishing more than 110 articles in international journals with SCI / SCI-E index, and in 2013 he received the title of Associate Professor, in 2022 he received the title of Professor.

He attended to Bakırköy Training and Research Hospital in 2012 to receive advanced laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery training, and in 2013, he again attended at Cleveland Clinic to increase his knowledge and experience in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

He worked as a Training Supervisor in Ankara Training and Research Hospital Urology Clinic in 2014 and 2015. Dr. Reşorlu, who worked as a lecturer at Ondokuz Mayıs University Urology Department between 2016 and 2019, has been serving his patients in her own practice since November 2020, after working at Memorial Ankara Hospital in 2019-2020.

They published the largest series of studies of that period with their colleagues on endoscopic (closed) stone surgeries and they applied these surgeries to children under 1 year old for the first time in the world and published them in the literature.

The stone scoring system they prepared by giving their names was accepted in the international literature and validated many times, the endoscopic stone surgery model they defined in the pig model was organized as a course in an international meeting and published as an article in an international journal.

He participated in many symposiums and congresses held in Turkey and abroad, attended 75 of these meetings as a guest speaker, and performed live surgeries in 16 meetings, three of which were international. He also organized many symposiums, meetings and workshops himself.

Dr. Reşorlu, who has worked as an invited author in many national and international books, is currently working as an editor and referee in many domestic and foreign journals.

Between 2012 and 2015, he worked in the Young Urologists Committee of the European Association of Urology (EAU), and since 2018, he is in the PNL working group of the International Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU) Subject.

Dr. Reşorlu, a member of the American Urology Association (AUA) and the European Urology Association (EUA), which are the two most prestigious associations of urology, is invited as a speaker to the congresses of these associations.