Hydrocele and Hernia

Hydrocele is the name given to fluid accumulation between the two membranes surrounding the testicle. There are two types:

  • The relationship between the membrane surrounding the communicating testicle and the membrane in the abdominal cavity continues. The fluid in the abdomen fills around the testicle through this opening and a condition called hydrocele or water hernia occurs among the people. If this opening is large, a hernia occurs by protruding from here in the abdominal organs.
  • Non-communicating hydrocele usually occurs at older ages and the swelling that occurs is not related to the peritoneum.


Usually the only sign of hydrocele is painless swelling. The communicating type swelling usually disappears in the morning and increases later in the day. This swelling, which becomes more pronounced in cases that increase intra-abdominal pressure, such as crying and straining, can also be seen with hernia. With the method called translumination and examining the scrotal contents with a light, it can be understood whether there is a hernia inside. If necessary, ultrasonography can be performed for this purpose.


The treatment of hydrocele is surgical, but it is recommended to wait 1 year as the possibility of spontaneous recovery is high in the first 12 months. If a hernia or a testicular pathology accompanies the event, early surgery can be performed.

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