A “Game Method” Solution to Bed Wetting Problem in Children

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A “Game Method” Solution to Bed Wetting Problem in Children

In about 20% of children over the age of five, urination disorders such as day or night incontinence, frequent urination, sudden urgency, urinary retention, difficulty in starting urine are observed. The “Urotherapy Method”, which is used in the treatment of these problems and aims to teach children to use urinary retention muscles, is defined as a bladder training and rehabilitation program that aims to correct filling and emptying disorders of the bladder.

In this method, a detailed anamnesis and examination and a few simple tests are performed to understand the source of the urination problems of the child and whether there is an underlying disorder. By keeping a urination diary for a certain period of time, the seriousness of the problem is tried to be understood.

Then, the child and the family are technically taught how to urinate regularly and correctly, proper voiding posture, avoiding urine retention maneuvers, prevention of constipation, control of fluid intake and regulation of lifestyle.

After the urination suggestions, a 6-week practical training program is given to teach how to use the pelvic floor muscles in company with some computer-assisted games. Various computer animations are used in this treatment method, which we call “biofeedback”, which is applied once a week and lasts about 30 minutes each session.

In this program, the child is asked to move the fish or bird he sees on the computer screen and try to avoid the dangers (wolf, snake, etc.) he encounters. In order to do this, the child must tighten or relax the urinary retention muscles sufficiently. With this fun program and short exercises to do at home, it is aimed to teach the child to control his urinary retention muscles himself.

This treatment program, which has been applied for years in Europe and America, has started to be applied and gaining popularity in our country in recent years. In scientific studies conducted on the results of this treatment program, a success rate of over 90% is reported at the end of the 6-week treatment process without the need for medication.

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